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CE Course Approval

Depending on your needs, the services we provide include: 

  • AGD/PACE CE Course Approval

  • AGD Joint Provider Agreement

  • Webinar/Course series approval*

    • Study clubs, companies, etc.​

  • Speaker onboarding

  • Electronic agreements

  • Instant certificates

  • Registration fee collection*

  • Email reminders for your event(s)*

  • Data collection & reporting

  • Customization & branding*

*premium agreement options

Advanced Clinical Training

Build Your Own Study Club (BYOSC)

The perfect option to build your study club without worrying about CE approval or recordkeeping. 


  • How to start your study club e-guide

  • AGD/PACE joint provider approval for 6-12 months of events

  • Instant certificates

  • Electronic Speaker onboarding

  • Electronic agreements

  • Data collection & reporting

  • Registration fee collection*

  • Email reminders*

  • Customization & branding*

*premium agreement options

Coaching Teams for Efficiency & Results
Female Presenter

Pre-Approved Courses

Check out our list of highly-engaging, cutting-edge courses. Each of these courses has been pre-approved by UpScale for AGD/PACE approval and is a great option for anyone planning a dental meeting or event. We'll connect you directly with the speaker to coordinate booking your event together. We know how expensive event planning is, so our speakers have industry sponsorship to help alleviate costs.*

If you're a speaker wanting to be listed, contact us to learn more. 

*speakers determine their own fees & levels of sponsorship may vary 

Provide Support Resources

Why work with UpScale?

Untitled design (4).png

Erika & Sarah Get It.

We've wasted countless hours chasing down leads as industry speakers for potential partnerships to help build our dreams and elevate the future of dentistry. What we found was an overabundance of outdated workflows that cost a LOT of money - much more than our small budget could manage. 

The times are changing, and new technology allows us to deliver a superior experience at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Never wonder if your system is broken or working; our 'down time' is at < 1% with over 10,000 certificates generated and counting

  • It's working even when we aren't; holiday? night? weekend? Doesn't matter!

  • Stop chasing paperwork; we have solutions to help get us the information we need direct from your speakers so you can spend less time chasing them down for information

So while you're busy planning & creating, keep the exciting tasks for yourself while we handle the heavy-duty work from behind the scenes, flawlessly. We're a woman-owned small business built from motivation, inspiration, and a desire to help our colleagues shine. 

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